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  • Manisha Singh

How to Choose the Right Zipper for Your Packaging: A Comprehensive Guide

There are numerous zipper option to choose from. Each sort of zipper has its  own advantage and can effect the general pricing of your packaging. We will compare 3 famous zipper alternatives and deep dive into their features, advantages, and value implications to help you make a knowledgeable choice for your packaging:

Zipper Options:

  • Press-to-Close Zipper (Click Zipper)

  • Pocket Tear-off Zipper

  • Top Slider Zipper


Press-to-Close Zipper

Pocket Tear-off Zipper

Top Slider Zipper

Ease of Use

Very easy to open and close with a simple pressing motion.

Easy to open and close once the pocket strip is torn off.

Easy to open and close with a sliding mechanism.

Seal Tampering

The seal above the zipper needs to be torn off. Notch is provided for easy to tear feature.

Lift the tab and tear off along the zipper strip.

An inner membrane is provided. The membrane needs to be torn.


Everyday consumer products, snacks, coffee, pet food.

Pharmaceuticals, high-value items, products needing extra protection.

Large or bulky items, outdoor or rugged environments.


Generally lower cost due to simplicity and lower material.

Higher cost due to additional material and manufacturing complexity. 

Higher cost due to the slider mechanism and more material used as compared to the other two.


  • Choosing the proper zipper in your packaging relies upon on different factors, such as ease of use, tamper-evidence, seal power, reusability, and cost. 

  • Consider your product's unique desires and your price range to determine the excellent zipper alternative on your packaging.

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