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Why Spout Pouches?

Updated: Jan 31, 2019

Spout pouches are a sustainable solution that offers significant value to product, manufacturers, retailers and consumers.

Spout pouches can be very cost effective, and can be manufactured to cater to the requirements of barrier properties, sturdiness, and cosmetic appeal. It uses multilayers of plastic to provide the barrier properties; it can also use aluminium foil for ultimate barrier properties. We can manufacture pouches with upto 8 colours of printing that may employ a Matt finish (partial or full) for a premium customer appeal, or use a window to showcase the actual product. The pouches can be centre or corner/side spouted, as per the requirement.

We compare the environmental and product advantages of spout pouches as compared to the other forms of liquid packing.

Pouches provide a very high product to package ratio, which in turn results in very low CO2 emissions and an effective solution in terms of energy and resource consumption.[1]

These type of pouches have a very wide application range, cosmetics, industrial, food and beverage. It also ranges in sizes and capacity.

List of applications:

Shampoo, conditioner, hand wash

Flavored Milk

Soy Bean Milk



Sports Drink







Edible Oil

Industrial/Motor Oil




Spout pouches can be manually or machine filled. Spout pouch can also be known as stand up nozzle pouch. It uses bottom guzzet to attain standup capabilities.

Unprinted spout pouches are also available, such that printed labels can be applied to them.

If you are interested in spout pouches please contact us on the numbers or email given below.

[1] Sustainable Packaging, Flexible Packaging Association:

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