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Aluminium Foil the Ultimate Barrier

Aluminium foil in flexible packaging | sachet with aluminium | aluminium spout pouch

Aluminium foil is light and flexible. It Is hygienic, non-toxic, and have very good barrier properties. It keeps food fresh for a longer time and provides protection from ligjht, ultraviolet radiation, water vapor and oxygen. Aluminium foil provides the maximum barrier properties flexible packaging can attain. Further, acid, fatty acids, or salty food should not come in contact with the aluminum layer. Hence a 4 layer composite is used, as shown in the picture above.

Foil in flexible packaging is one of the most economical ways to attain the desired barrier properties. In addition, the low weight of the aluminum promotes the yield of packaging material.

Packaging containing foil can also used for retort application and is oven safe. Aluminum in food packaging is generally harmless to health. This provides a very wide usability of aluminum in the flexible packaging industry. Aluminum foil laminates are ideally suited for the packaging of:



Coffee and tea

Instant Beverages

Instant Mix

Sausage and dried meat

Soup concentrates

Baby food

Ready Meals


At sprinpak, we have accumulated a vast expertise in coating and converting to cater our customers specific foil applications. We use solvent base and less lamination technologies to provide use specific solutions. We expertise in using solvent free lamination techniques for foil, to provide an odour free packaging.

We have taken initiatives to develop high barrier, high capacity packaging solutions for applications such as baby food products. Our products are contaminant free and suitable for sensitive applications. We continue to develop pouch designs that promote product visibility and attraction, and maximize usability.

Why aluminium foil in flexible packaging?

Product representation is a key requirement for the packaging industry. With high quality gravure printing technologies, the scope of product design is endless. Pouches can take various shapes and forms, such as standup, spout (shaped, corner, center); and can add usability features such as zipper and carry handle (D Punch).

Flexible packaging containing aluminum can scale in terms of packing content. It can form sachets of 15gm up to 3kg packings.

Bare Aluminium is not suitable for all foodstuffs. Composite construction of foil can be used to prevent the contact of food containing acids and salts to the aluminium layer.

It is not recommended to use bare aluminum for the following products:

· Apple sauce, stewed apples, apple purée

· Rhubarb

· Tomatoes

· Sour cucumbers

· Sauerkraut

· Salted herring

· Sliced citrus fruits

· Marinades that contain vinegar or fruit acids

· Lye pastry before baking

Aluminium foil in flexible packaging | sachet with aluminium | aluminium spout pouch | baby food packaging | coffee packaging | aluminium foil

Flexible packaging containing foil is far more economical as compared to rigid aluminum. Films generally consist of 6-12µm of aluminium foil, as compared of 200µm In case of rigid cans and areosols.

If you are interested in spout pouches please contact us on the numbers or email given below.


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